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Working together with the nursing service, our aim is to help people who are recovering from or living with cancer in the Hunts area to take back control of their lives and play an active part in managing their health.

Our goal is to encourage a more objective view of cancer and to help people understand the trajectory of cancer is ever changing. Increasingly cancer can be lived with in the same way as other long-term conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and asthma, particularly when individuals are actively involved in managing their health.

  • There are 2 million people in England with a diagnosis of cancer. This number is likely to grow by more than 3% per year, reflecting the increasing incidence of cancer and better survival rates.
  • By 2030 there are likely to be around 4 million cancer survivors in UK.
  • Evidence shows that the current model of cancer follow-up is not meeting people’s needs and will not cope if the number of people living with cancer increases at the expected rate.

While the NHS funds the nursing service through CCG funding (Clinical Commissioning Groups which replaced Primary Care Trusts), everyone involved in running the charity volunteers their time freely and we strive to keep our costs low.

Our Trustees:

Jan Davis

Jan Davis – Chair of Trustees

My career has always involved people. I have worked both in the UK and Internationally. Now that I have retired it is a pleasure to be able use my skills for such a worthwhile charity.


Susan Moore – Secretary

Susan has had a varied career. She has worked as a progress chaser in a factory setting and then for the Birmingham Coroner before finally realising that her passion was people and her skill supporting their development.

After completing an MBA she joined British Telecom, initially to act as a management trainer but ultimately to work as a talent spotter and management development specialist identifying people with senior management capability and supporting their growth within the company.

She retired from full time working in 1999 and planned for a long and full retirement. However, in November 2010 she was diagnosed with an incurable rare blood cancer. As a result of this diagnosis she met Gini Melesi a haematology specialist nurse who was to go on to found Hunts Community Cancer Network. Liking the plan to support people long after treatment had ended and believing that her workplace experience could be valuable to the development of the project they joined forces to create the charity.

Two such different personalities joined by a common aim they started to raise money to offer free support.

Today Susan acts as a Trustee of the charity and carries out the day to day management roles that are necessary to keep things running smoothly. Her development background allows her to work on the design of new activities and to plan events like conference. She often acts as spokesperson, along with colleagues.

The skills she uses most in support of the charity are her “can do” attitude; her ability to spot and nurture the good ideas that others bring and her determination that people know what’s best for themselves but they just need a little help sometimes.

Susan Moore worked many years for British Telecom culminating in her role as a senior manager specialising in Career Development and Talent Spotting to fill the most senior levels of BT management.

She retired in 1999 and planned for a long and full retirement. However, in November 2010 she was diagnosed with an incurable rare blood cancer. She decided to use her time positively, supporting the work of a local nurse who had been appointed to run a project delivering Cancer Care into the Community. Together they created a new charity which served local people receiving their care from the Community Nursing Team, delivering those aspects of the National Cancer Strategy not normally funded by the NHS.

Amanda Orchard - Aug17

Amanda Orchard – Trustee

Amanda Orchard has worked for several years in the field of Marketing and Communications on consumer brands: She had headed up marketing teams in larger FMCG corporate businesses, where she has led teams working on brands such as Loyd Grossman sauces & Jeyes Fluid, involved with developing & leading strategic marketing plans on new product development programmes and large scale marketing campaigns involving TV and digital media.

She has also owned bridal shops & a local events business, driving the businesses forward locally, with a much envied reputation of quality and dedication.

She currently works as a marketing consultant on various national and international projects bringing her wealth of expertise and knowledge to different business environments.

She complements her busy working & family life, with some local volunteering & is chair of a local patient association as well as being a trustee on several other local community projects.

Amanda was keen to get involved with HCCN following a close friend’s battle with cancer, where she could see that the charity made a real difference to peoples lives.

She’s passionate about making a difference to people who are affected by cancer as it can affect anyone, at any age, & is driven to ensure everyone locally finds out how lucky we all are to have access to services provided by HCCN.

While the NHS funds the nursing service through CCG funding (Clinical Commissioning Groups which replaced Primary Care Trusts), every other aspect of the support we offer to people is provided through the HCCN charity free of charge.

Everyone involved in the running the charity volunteers their time freely and we strive to keep our costs low.

Karen Moseley - Aug17

Karen Moseley – Lead Nurse & Trustee



The Charity

The charity is governed as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) meaning our wider membership (other than trustees) have voting rights, usually at the AGM. Our members contribute to the charity through their voluntary efforts and other contributions, often financial. Having people helped by the charity as members enables us to take account of their views. Member rights include the:

  • Power to select, appoint and remove the board of trustees, or parts of it
  • Control of changes in the constitution
  • Power to direct the board of trustees to do things

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HCCN member benefits include regular newsletter to keep in contact, communication news and opportunities to get involved as well as conference participation. A well-maintained database is essential for good membership management. Data protection requirements mean we will ask you for permission to contact you, and to give your details to third parties. Our members typically are people affected by a cancer – either as patient, partner, carer or friend – who support our purpose. While having a large membership, the organisation is not seeking an unlimited membership. Members can be involved in the governance of the charity by taking an active part in selection and appointment of the trustees. Our members provide expertise and knowledge, funds, volunteer efforts and influence. And becoming a member is so easy. Just click on the button below and complete the form. There is no charge and, once approved, you have the right to vote at our AGM. Should you wish to resign your membership at any time just tell us in the same way.

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