charity logo proper   Hunts Community Cancer Network Charity: Registered Charity No 1163051. HMRC registration reference EW23930 The purpose of the charity is to:

Preserve and protect the health of patients with a diagnosis of cancer who are supported by the Community Cancer Network in Huntingdonshire by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities, support services and equipment not normally provided by the statutory authorities. To advance the education of the public in health care related to cancer by the provision of lectures, for and by the publication of newsletters devoted to cancer healthcare.

The trustees encourage people to become members of HCCN to help us develop and grow. To become a member you must support our purpose.

HCCN membership HCCN the charity is governed as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) meaning our wider membership (other than trustees) have voting rights, usually at the AGM. Our members contribute to the charity through their voluntary efforts and other contributions, often financial. Having people helped by the charity as members enables us to take account of their views. Member rights include the:

  • Power to select, appoint and remove the board of trustees, or parts of it
  • Control of changes in the constitution
  • Power to direct the board of trustees to do things

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HCCN member benefits include regular newsletter to keep in contact, communication news and opportunities to get involved as well as conference participation. A well-maintained database is essential for good membership management. Data protection requirements mean we will ask you for permission to contact you, and to give your details to third parties. Our members typically are people affected by a cancer – either as patient, partner, carer or friend – who support our purpose. While having a large membership, the organisation is not seeking an unlimited membership. Members can be involved in the governance of the charity by taking an active part in selection and appointment of the trustees. Our members provide expertise and knowledge, funds, volunteer efforts and influence. And becoming a member is so easy. Just click on the button below and complete the form. There is no charge and, once approved, you have the right to vote at our AGM. Should you wish to resign your membership at any time just tell us in the same way. Our next AGM is being planned for June 17th at the Holiday Inn Brampton starting just after midday.





We have launched a new health initiative supporting patients to remain active during and after cancer treatment. Current research points to the importance of people with a cancer diagnosis returning to exercise whilst still undergoing treatment and then to maintain the exercise habit as they live with or recover from cancer.

The new scheme named ‘Get Active’ features the Activ8rlives BuddyBand2 – a wrist worn waterproof activity tracker, which monitors people’s activity and is uploaded to an Apple or Android App. In conjunction with the patient and qualified personal trainer, a personalised activity plan is drawn up and includes home-based exercises, structured exercise classes or going to the local gym. HCCN has linked with local Leisure Centres to provide access to classes, guided walks etc. We are always on the look out for new opportunities to keep people active. We also continue to fund weekly yoga and circuit classes for all our cancer patients.

Under the ‘Get Active’ scheme, each patient identifies what activity suits them best and is then supported to achieve their goals. This may well open other opportunities for activity that they might not normally consider, such as dancing.

The Activ8rlives BuddyBand2 is supplied at a nominal fee of £30 for participants, along with comprehensive training and support. The Activ8rlives solution provides the means to monitor progress, targets and be linked into online help, messaging, adventures and rewards to ensure individuals gain the maximum benefits from the whole integrated programme of ‘Get Active’.

Physical activity is monitored through collecting data from the band and if any readings generated are not what would be expected, the Personal Trainer can get in touch to ensure the individual is okay and alert the nursing team if necessary. The scheme allows people to become independent and confident in their activity and fitness plans whilst undergoing treatment or beyond.

Buddy Band Image-min

A pilot of the ‘Get Active’ scheme, using the BuddyBand2, has recently been experienced by 15 cancer patients, who considered it “excellent”, As a consequence the charity is now rolling it out to HCCN patients across the Huntingdonshire area.

HCCN has worked with 2 local businesses on this project:

Forefront Fitness who oversee the personal training element of the project:

Marion Foreman, a nurse with many years in cancer and palliative care, has been instrumental in getting the project up and running. She and her husband Steve, are both passionate about fitness and have a desire to want to help others to get fit and healthy. Marion became a Personal Trainer several years ago and after Steve was diagnosed with a melanoma, Marion trained in Cancer Rehabilitation. They used Steve’s critical illness cover following his diagnosis to set up 2 gyms.
Marion says, ‘We read about HCCN in the newspaper and all the good work that they do – we really wanted to help. This system opens up a way of helping and monitoring many people on their own cancer journey.”

Aseptika are a local award winning healthcare technology company, who develop integrated health and wellness solutions for individuals or groups of patients with long-term health conditions. This empowers them to self-care and self-monitor their health parameters and to share this data with their healthcare providers if they so wish.

Kevin Auton, MD, has worked with HCCN, the patients and his team to capture additional parameters, other than activity, that cancer nurses feel will be beneficial for patients to record. This process could lead to patient-generated data being integrated into their patient records (at the individual’s sole discretion as an opt-in).

Kevin says, “Having met the HCCN team at the local Hunts 10K Fun Run earlier in the year, we talked through how we could work with them on improving services locally. I’m thrilled we are involved in a project where we can work with a group of individuals that embrace self-monitoring and feel empowered to take ownership and responsibility for their recovery and wellness going forward or detecting declining health early.”

Craig (right) & Jessica (left) from Aseptika with Marion (centre) from Forefront Fitness

Craig (right) & Jessica (left) from Aseptika with Marion (centre) from Forefront Fitness

The ‘Get Active’ scheme and BuddyBand2’s are rolling out across the Hunts area and will need continued funds from fundraising activities to ensure the charity can support everyone who wants access to it. Our Just giving page can be found at:

The Founder of the charity is: Gini Melesi, Community Cancer Nurse Specialist and Transforming Cancer Care in the Community Project Lead.

Gini Melesi

Gini Melesi

Meet the Trustees

Jan Davis

Jan Davis


My career has always involved people. I have worked both in the UK and Internationally. Now that I have retired it is a pleasure to be able use my skills for such a worthwhile charity.

For further information on the trustee selection process please contact

Susan Moore

Susan Moore


Having held the role of Secretary in other charities I am delighted to be able to use my experience for the benefit of HCCN.

Amanda Orchard

Amanda Orchard

We are now looking for an accountant to join our trustee team to strengthen our financial governance. Please contact

Charity update

HCCN is run entirely by volunteers and always welcomes additional resource. We are a member based charity and as such would welcome more members to join to help guide and influence the strategy of the charity.

We give huge thanks to everyone particularly the community nursing specialists who have been at the forefront of this unique and invaluable service.

To meet our future challenges we will focus our efforts next year on:

  • Growing the management structure
  • Creating structured and sustainable fundraising processes
  • We will deliver the software project, and finally…
  • Maintain and develop our current programmes

Contact Us About HCCN – The Charity: You can email us on


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