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HCCN doesn’t just offer nursing care. We believe that the best way to help people get their lives back on track after cancer is to equip them with the skills they need in order to play a full part in managing their health now and into the future.

Sometimes that means helping people develop new habits, perhaps around exercise or diet but it also means supporting people whilst they manage their emotional responses to their illness and get back on track to rebuild their lives positively.

We have studied the research to understand the ways that help can be offered and we have used that research to put together a series of fun and useful events.

We know that people sometimes have to spend time on their own during the day as loved ones work and that time spent alone can be unhelpful. Signing up for a course can fill a couple of hours with laughter, thought and a little challenge.

Often people can’t drive for short periods during their treatment, but there’s always someone very happy to provide a lift. Nearly always there will be another patient who has been in that situation who is just happy to help.

We have put together a programme of events and activities all of which you can choose to use. Why not just come and find out?


We run two conferences a year. They are free to attend and you can attend as many times as you need to.

Our aim is to keep you up to date with information on cancer research, knowledge and care, emotional well-being, diet and exercise and all are delivered by experts in their fields.

They are interactive and relaxed and, as far as possible, we will seat people with similar cancers together so that you can share your experiences with people who understand.


We produce four newsletters a year and these will also contain topical information, maybe about travel insurance, but will also carry a core of valuable health management information like what to look for around recurrence and who to involve to help you. These are sent to you at home either through email or the post.

The Drop In

This happens every Friday at the Holiday Inn at Brampton Racecourse. Open from 10am to 12.00 mid-day. You’ll meet people there who have come to chat or to see the nursing team, who are always there, and of course also to join in the yoga class. You can bring someone with you & children are welcome. 


Yoga is offered every Friday at the drop in at the Holiday Inn running from 10.30am to 11.30am. You can join at any time as the programme accommodates this. Yoga is not only gentle but definite exercise and its breathing exercises promote feelings of peacefulness and calm. Again it is tailored to the needs of the group. Patients may bring a partner or friend along also.

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Circuits Class

It is widely known that exercise is beneficial to people on their cancer journey and beyond.

Prof. Thomas, in his book ‘lifestyle and cancer’ tells us that ‘patients who exercise regularly are associated with a lower risk of their cancer returning and generally surviving longer’.

It can be difficult to know what exercises to do for the best so we are offering a very special opportunity

Marion has many years of experience as a nurse (much of this within the speciality of cancer) and as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Professional.  Marion also has additional qualifications in Exercise Referral and Cancer Rehabilitation.

This class will be tailored to your needs.  We recognise that your energy levels may vary from week to week so we will take this into account when planning the circuits.

Held as a drop in every Monday and Thursday afternoon you can choose whether or not you have the energy or motivation to turn up. This class is for people on treatment or after they have finished. It is for any ability but patients only please.

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Art Classes

Paint your own Christmas cards or just see if you have any talent. However you see yourself, a future Banksy or wanting to draw the cat, you are welcome to join this short course. The materials you will need to get you going are provided so no expense needed until you know you want to continue. Classes are held on a Monday afternoon and you are welcome to bring someone with you.


People who use this class just can’t get enough of it. Each programme usually runs for eight weeks and enables participants to find peace, limit the impact of stressful thoughts and think through their own way of relating to the world around them.

Classes are held on a Thursday mornings 10.30 – 12.15

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Everything we offer is free.  It has either been provided by St Neots Community Learning, or someone has come forward to offer their skills free of charge or our charity HCCN, which was set up by patients, is providing the funding

“If you want to know more about the classes from users before committing yourself just come to the drop in. There’s almost always someone there willing to share their experiences.

Access is easy.

Ask one of the nursing team

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