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feet-538245_640Its great to be recommending 10,000 steps a day and suggesting that at least 10 minutes of these should be done at a brisk pace – good ideas and they will undoubtedly make a difference.  But what if you really can’t do that much – if the very thought just reduces you to a crumpled wreck?  I don’t mean those of you who are otherwise fit and well but just can’t be bothered!  I am talking about those of you who are not well at the moment – maybe recovering from an illness or form some treatment.  10,000 steps might seem to be so many that its just too awful to are about and the very idea that you might walk very quickly for even 5 minutes makes you short of breath.  How about a different challenge?

How about committing to being a bit more active today than you were yesterday?  How about just a few more steps?  You need to start with some idea of what you are currently doing.  Find some way of monitoring how many steps you are doing now.  Maybe a wearable, or maybe just using an app on your phone.  Don’t worry about what you are doing right now, just record it and then work on it.  If you usually do 1000 steps – just try getting it up to 1500.  Maybe all the extra you can do is one trip up and down your stairs – well, that’s a good start.  Build it up to where you can manage and work hard at keeping at that level.  The important thing is to keep moving.  Maybe walk to the end of your garden and back, that will help more than sitting in that chair again.

This is your challenge – its about pushing yourself that bit more, trying that bit harder.  You might well find that keeping a track of your progress is a great incentive and helps you to achieve even more