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What makes you happy?happy

I went to a talk recently all about happiness.  It was about the research that is being done about why some countries are happier places than others. The speaker’s research looks at groups of people over a long period of time.  And using lots of different measures he can show that in some countries most people are happier more of the time than in other countries.

But what about you?  If I were to ask you if you are a happy person what would you say?

In my work I chat to many people who are on their cancer journey.  I have noticed that there is a wide variation in how people approach their illness and how they live with cancer.  Some are despondent and have all but given up and others are upbeat and determined just to get on with life as best they can.  I am not sure that the cancer is to blame for these differences, I think that’s just how people are.  What I do know is that those who ‘live with it’ and put their energies into getting on with life achieve great things.  These are the people who set a goal to reach a certain number of steps every day and work hard to get to that number.  These are the people who exercise regularly and go on as many holidays and days out as they possibly can.  And they are happier, they see the joy in the everyday things.  These are the people who spent several minutes watching a woodpecker outside the exercise room with me a few weeks ago.  These are the people who ask each other how they are and really listen to the answer.  They know that small acts of kindness make all the difference.

Here’s your challenge for this week – are you a happy person?  What do you do every day to find a bit of happiness?  Try to make a conscious effort to be upbeat and happy at least once a day.  Its how habits start!