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Emotional Well Being


Buddy Scheme

Most people would like to know more about what will happen during the next stage of their treatment. The best informal source of this information can be someone who has had the same cancer and who has already lived through that stage and to hear their experiences from that perspective.

Or, you might appreciate the opportunity to share your feelings with someone. Someone who has the same or a similar cancer, and  feel able to discuss things freely and openly with them without having the need to protect their emotions so often  necessary  when talking to loved ones.

Maybe circumstances have meant an early return to work and it would help to share the feelings that those extra demands make on you with someone who really understands.

If that is how it is for you then the HCCN Buddy Scheme might be very useful.

Your nursing team can put you in touch with someone also receiving their care from the team who has volunteered to be a buddy. Someone who isn’t a doctor, isn’t a counsellor but who is simply prepared to talk openly about their experiences in response to your questions and importantly to be there to listen to you.

Becoming a Buddy

Perhaps you would like to volunteer to become a Buddy.  Perhaps you have the time to help those coming along behind you to navigate their way through treatment with more understanding.  Or perhaps you feel you could listen and support someone coping with their emotional response to cancer without judgement.

If so we would love to hear from you.  Contact us and we will send you the forms that explain everything you need to know about becoming a buddy.

If you have questions about the scheme then please contact Gini  she will be pleased to answer them and help you explore whether the scheme is right for you.