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HCCN Get Active Programme

You can be referred to our Get Active Programme where we offer 24 weeks of supported return to a healthy lifestyle, which can be followed by a reduced rate programme offered at Huntingdon Leisure Centre. Again this programme is designed specifically to support people managing a diagnosis of cancer and is run for us by an appropriately trained Personal Trainer.

On this programme we seek to assess where you are now and work with you to find the way forward that best suits your needs.

Run by Marion Foreman of Forefront Fitness. (marion@forefrontfitness.co.uk)  

Marion has many years of experience as a nurse (much of this within the speciality of cancer) and as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Professional.  Marion also has additional qualifications in Exercise Referral and Cancer Rehabilitation.

Your nurse is the person to speak to in order to understand how to access this programme.

One of the classes offered within the Get Active programme is:

Circuits Class

It is widely known that exercise is beneficial to people on their cancer journey and beyond.

Prof. Thomas, in his book ‘lifestyle and cancer’ tells us that ‘patients who exercise regularly are associated with a lower risk of their cancer returning and generally surviving longer’.

It can be difficult to know what exercises to do for the best so we are offering a very special opportunity

Marion has many years of experience as a nurse (much of this within the speciality of cancer) and as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Professional. Marion also has additional qualifications in Exercise Referral and Cancer Rehabilitation.

This class will be tailored to your needs. We recognise that your energy levels may vary from week to week so we will take this into account when planning the circuits.

Held as a drop in every Monday and Thursday afternoon at Huntingdon One Leisure, you can choose whether or not you have the energy or motivation to turn up. This class is for people on treatment or after they have finished. It is for any ability but patients only please.

One Leisure Active Lifestyles

The partnership is all about making it easy to restart an exercise routine or to find out which exercise would be best to help kick start a new regime. The programme is aimed at all those with a diagnosis, regardless of age.

The Active Lifestyle Team is qualified to understand all exercising needs in level 4 cancer rehab. The HCCN nursing team will be able to complete a referral form for anyone who has been under their care which provides all the information the class leader needs.

INFO: The new programme begins on Tuesday, January 8, at One Leisure St Neots (4pm–5pm) and Thursday, January 10, at One Leisure St Ives (4.30pm – 5.30pm).


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Hunts Community Cancer Network


Hunts Community Cancer Network is a local charity started by a patient networking group, created to support the work of the community cancer nurse specialists www.justgiving.com/hccn

Hunts Community Cancer Network

4 days 15 hours ago

May 100 club

Would you like to do Tai Chi at home, sitting or standing, under the direction of our Tai Chi teacher? You would? Then contact Annie on 01234 709836 or annie@hccnthecharity.org for more information.

Hunts Community Cancer Network

Lynne & Richard Fitzjohn from Gt Stukeley walked with their golf bags to Brampton Golf club. They were sponsored by the players from Brampton Golf club and they wanted to donate to the hospital so today we have received some lovely pamper bags for each member of the team 🏌️‍♀️ 🏌️‍♂️ ⛳️💙

Hunts Community Cancer Network

A big Thank You to Michael Lynch for his kind donation of £275 today (and a copy of his book 📖💙).
Michael has wrote his own book “The life and observations of a Hebburn lad” and he is donating money from the sale of this book to HCCN. If anybody is interested in purchasing a book then please let us know (they are £10 a copy - including local delivery) 💙

Hunts Community Cancer Network

Fancy a chat??

Hi I’m Andrea and I’m a volunteer for HCCN. I’m also a cancer patient classified as at particular risk and so locked down tight at home right now.

But more than either of those I’m a person who likes to chat, to have a laugh, to know there’s someone there if I have a worry to share.
I think a lot of us are like that as well and some of us crave the company we shared with others from HCCN from before when we could all meet up. And although we can’t meet in person at the moment that’s no reason to give up chatting is it?

I’ve been thinking for a while about doing something positive for HCCN. I’ve made scrubs and bags for scrubs but that’s not really my strength so here I am volunteering to start a whole new venture.

It’s just called

Fancy a chat?

Fancy a chat is your way of saying that you could do with a conversation outside your family circle. You don’t have to be sad, but it’s okay if you are.

It’s as simple as that.
Pick up the phone and make the call.
If you text or ring me on 07742 923699
I will put you in touch with someone to chat to.
I’m working with a team of lovely HCCN people who also like a chat and are just waiting for your call.
So what are you waiting for?
Make someone happy and get in touch right now.

Hunts Community Cancer Network

Happy nurses day to our fantastic group of nurses who look after so many patients at the moment!

A poem that our lovely Annie, who runs our Ellington group, has written that we think is fantastic!

I blame this flipping lockdown
For my deep descending gloom,
Don’t wish to Skype or FaceTime
And what the hell is Zoom?
Facebook. What a nightmare
From which there is no end,
And who are all these people
Who want to be my friend?
One bloke said, “oh you’ll love it”,
Well I’ve given it a go,
Not really fully immersed in it
Just dipped a little toe,
But can’t say that I love it,
Can’t even reach a like,
I’d rather do a maths degree
Or learn to ride a bike.
I find solace in nature,
Might even hug a tree
Then do a spell of gardening
And jigger up my knee.
Might settle for some baking
To while away an hour
But where to find a recipe
That doesn’t include flour!
I miss the human contact
Of Ellington each week,
The barracking of old guys
And Douglas with his cheek.
I miss the calming presence
Of Julie, Jill and Lynn
Jill’s finger signifying “hush”
To silence all the din.
I miss the racous laughter
The constant chitter chatter,
The balls of wool unravelling
Whilst ladies knit and natter.
I miss the tangled bodies
As we try to dance in line
Not knowing which is left or right
Chris saying” it is fine”.
I miss the tea and coffee
And cakes with jam and cream,
Poor Mary craving after scones,
Alas, it’s all a dream.
Is that another message,
I heard that blasted ping,
I hate this ruddy internet
And crave the real thing.
When all of this is over
( and I say this with a grin)
This iPad and computer
Are heading for the bin!!!!!!!

We were due to be one of the charities of the year for this years Buckfest Music Festival. Sadly the event has been cancelled and rescheduled for next year but they are fundraising to help charities maintain an income which is incredibly kind of them!


Hunts Community Cancer Network

A huge thank you to Marks & Spencer in Huntingdon who donated these Easter eggs for the nurses and their families. We really appreciate the families of the nursing team who are supporting them whilst their loved ones are working during this difficult time 💙

Hunts Community Cancer Network

We had a delivery of some snacks delivered by Whitworths which are ideal for the nurses when they are out & about! Thanks very much!