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HCCN Get Active Programme

You can be referred to our Get Active Programme where we offer 24 weeks of supported return to a healthy lifestyle, which can be followed by a reduced rate programme offered at Huntingdon Leisure Centre. Again this programme is designed specifically to support people managing a diagnosis of cancer and is run for us by an appropriately trained Personal Trainer.

On this programme we seek to assess where you are now and work with you to find the way forward that best suits your needs.

Run by Marion Foreman of Forefront Fitness. (marion@forefrontfitness.co.uk)  

Marion has many years of experience as a nurse (much of this within the speciality of cancer) and as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Professional.  Marion also has additional qualifications in Exercise Referral and Cancer Rehabilitation.

Your nurse is the person to speak to in order to understand how to access this programme.

One of the classes offered within the Get Active programme is:

Circuits Class

It is widely known that exercise is beneficial to people on their cancer journey and beyond.

Prof. Thomas, in his book ‘lifestyle and cancer’ tells us that ‘patients who exercise regularly are associated with a lower risk of their cancer returning and generally surviving longer’.

It can be difficult to know what exercises to do for the best so we are offering a very special opportunity

Marion has many years of experience as a nurse (much of this within the speciality of cancer) and as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Professional. Marion also has additional qualifications in Exercise Referral and Cancer Rehabilitation.

This class will be tailored to your needs. We recognise that your energy levels may vary from week to week so we will take this into account when planning the circuits.

Held as a drop in every Monday and Thursday afternoon at Huntingdon One Leisure, you can choose whether or not you have the energy or motivation to turn up. This class is for people on treatment or after they have finished. It is for any ability but patients only please.

One Leisure Active Lifestyles

The partnership is all about making it easy to restart an exercise routine or to find out which exercise would be best to help kick start a new regime. The programme is aimed at all those with a diagnosis, regardless of age.

The Active Lifestyle Team is qualified to understand all exercising needs in level 4 cancer rehab. The HCCN nursing team will be able to complete a referral form for anyone who has been under their care which provides all the information the class leader needs.

INFO: The new programme begins on Tuesday, January 8, at One Leisure St Neots (4pm–5pm) and Thursday, January 10, at One Leisure St Ives (4.30pm – 5.30pm).


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Keep your eyes peeled. Date for your diary! More info to follow!

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Today's May 2021 100 Club Draw filmed live

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Add this date to your diary. More information can be found in your EnAble newsletter coming soon. Can't wait until then, contact gill@hccnthecharity.org

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Have you had or are due to have a mastectomy?

Free Heart-shaped ❤ pillows for women (and men) with breast cancer. Designed to provide comfort and protection after a mastectomy operation.

How to order the pillows
Click the link it will take you to a Facebook page called Jen's Friends - Free Mastectomy Pillows. There are full details on a pinned post. In a nutshell, send them a message via Fb messenger, telling them how many pillows you would like. (1 for single or 2 for a double mastectomy). Make sure you include your delivery address again this MUST be sent via Fb messenger. There is a small cost, the pillows are FREE, but they do require a small donation to cover postage and packaging costs. Donate a minimum of £4 for 1 pillow and an extra £1.50 for 2 pillows. They can’t promise to send a matching pair for a double mastectomy as they only have what the sewing fairies make them. They are run purely by volunteers, with no external funding. www.facebook.com/Jensfriendsmastectomypillow

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Forthcoming event supporting us;

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Just got a new Co-op near me. Supporting HCCN every time I pop in! Even for just one thing or doing a big shop each time I am supporting a cause I care passionately about.

Who do you support with your Co-op shop?

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💙 Please nominate us! It will take literally 2 minutes of your time. Search for Hunts Community Cancer Network (1163051)

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Our rescheduled firewalk is now on September 4th at Grafham Water and we have 2 places left for anybody who wishes to take part, walking across those coals. It is £25 registration fee and we just ask for a minimum £100 sponsorship. Anyone who is interested in finding out more details, please drop us a message or comment below!

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Thank you Touch of Sparkle 💙