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HCCN Get Active Programme

You can be referred to our Get Active Programme where we offer 24 weeks of supported return to a healthy lifestyle, which can be followed by a reduced rate programme offered at Huntingdon Leisure Centre. Again this programme is designed specifically to support people managing a diagnosis of cancer and is run for us by an appropriately trained Personal Trainer.

On this programme we seek to assess where you are now and work with you to find the way forward that best suits your needs.

Run by Marion Foreman of Forefront Fitness. (marion@forefrontfitness.co.uk)  

Marion has many years of experience as a nurse (much of this within the speciality of cancer) and as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Professional.  Marion also has additional qualifications in Exercise Referral and Cancer Rehabilitation.

Your nurse is the person to speak to in order to understand how to access this programme.

One of the classes offered within the Get Active programme is:

Circuits Class

It is widely known that exercise is beneficial to people on their cancer journey and beyond.

Prof. Thomas, in his book ‘lifestyle and cancer’ tells us that ‘patients who exercise regularly are associated with a lower risk of their cancer returning and generally surviving longer’.

It can be difficult to know what exercises to do for the best so we are offering a very special opportunity

Marion has many years of experience as a nurse (much of this within the speciality of cancer) and as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Professional. Marion also has additional qualifications in Exercise Referral and Cancer Rehabilitation.

This class will be tailored to your needs. We recognise that your energy levels may vary from week to week so we will take this into account when planning the circuits.

Held as a drop in every Monday and Thursday afternoon at Huntingdon One Leisure, you can choose whether or not you have the energy or motivation to turn up. This class is for people on treatment or after they have finished. It is for any ability but patients only please.

One Leisure Active Lifestyles

The partnership is all about making it easy to restart an exercise routine or to find out which exercise would be best to help kick start a new regime. The programme is aimed at all those with a diagnosis, regardless of age.

The Active Lifestyle Team is qualified to understand all exercising needs in level 4 cancer rehab. The HCCN nursing team will be able to complete a referral form for anyone who has been under their care which provides all the information the class leader needs.

INFO: The new programme begins on Tuesday, January 8, at One Leisure St Neots (4pm–5pm) and Thursday, January 10, at One Leisure St Ives (4.30pm – 5.30pm).


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Hunts Community Cancer Network


Hunts Community Cancer Network is a local charity started by a patient networking group, created to support the work of the community cancer nurse specialists www.justgiving.com/hccn

Hunts Community Cancer Network

Hunts Community Cancer Network

5 days 22 hours ago

Are you coming? If you're thinking of attending but not sure because it's Zoom, we've got you covered.

TECH KNOWLEDGE If you’ve not used Zoom before we have written instructions for you.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY (only kidding it's FREE) We are holding two practice sessions (morning and early evening) on Monday, 2nd November 2020. Jump online with us and give it a go.

NOT GOT THE KIT We are able to loan you a device with Zoom already installed. Limited numbers are available.

MORE SUPPORT There will be technical help available on the day.

Click here bit.ly/HCCNConf2020 to find out about the content and save your seat.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below.

Hunts Community Cancer Network

Hunts Community Cancer Network

6 days 20 hours ago

Our Andrea collected a cheque this week from the mayor of Huntingdon as we were one of his charities of the year....here we have the cheque being collected (socially distanced of course) from the outgoing mayor Steve McAdam. We thank the town council for their ongoing support.
Picture used with kind permission of Cllr Karl Webb

Hunts Community Cancer Network

Booking for our conference is now open! Please visit: bit.ly/HCCNConf2020
Places are limited and free so we suggest early booking is advisable.

Hunts Community Cancer Network

We have an Age 12-13 Hoodie available that’s hardly been worn available for a £5 donation if anyone is interested? Please feel free to message the page. Thanks

Hunts Community Cancer Network

If you ever wondered what kind of things the charity funds, then this is the perfect example! The wonderful nursing team identified if they had some portable drip stands, it would enable them to undertake more treatments in the community, therefore cutting down hospital admissions. They asked, and the charity supplied!

Our fundraising has been severely hit by Covid this year but if you are in a position to donate to causes such as these, please consider donating:

All funds stay in this area to help local people.

We would love to see some captions please for this photo!

Hunts Community Cancer Network

Hunts Community Cancer Network

2 weeks 18 hours ago

It's that's time of year again, with whats going in the world don't forget to have your flu jab! If you need advice, speak to one of the nurses 💉

A message from our Annie:

Ellington Holistic Drop In Centre has not gone away although during these difficult times of COVID we are adapting to life using Zoom every Tuesday morning from 10 a.m until 12.00.
We are opening our services to any newcomers wishing to join in to either our chat room or yoga sessions and we are looking at new ideas to keep everything interesting and fresh.
Our lovely yoga teacher, Jill Wiles, has trained to work safely with our service users.She is able to offer newcomers an individual assessment before placing them into our beginners session and this works for all levels and ability. She is also able to offer recordings of sessions for anyone she has assessed and worked with if and when that person has not been able to attend the live session, but why don’t I share what some of our participants have said.
Coleen “ I love your sessions, they are always well structured and just right for me. I really enjoy the breathing exercises and find these really helpful.”
Johny “I think the yoga classes are absolutely great. As a complete novice, the level is ideal for me. The pace is perfect and teaching truly excellent.”
Pat “ The sessions on Zoom were a little strange, no banter and being in your own home, but you are able to be in the zone and work to your own limitations.”
As you can see, we are lucky to have Jill and her sessions appeal to both women and men of all ages.
If you want to know more or wish to book for your individual assessment please contact Jill Wiles by telephone 07921149338 or email jillwiles1@btconnect.com
You are guaranteed a warm welcome. Jill will be one of the speakers at the conference in November.

We will be opening our Zoom chats to newcomers from October. We appreciate how hard it might be to join something new so to make life easier we are going to offer open sessions once a month which will have a theme with guest speakers or demonstrations which we hope will be of interest and which will help to ease newcomers in. Our first open session on Tuesday October 27th will be based on motivational skills, something many of us are in need of right now! To find out more contact annie@hccnthecharity.org or mary@hccnthecharity.org
We are always ready to help newcomers to find their way through Zoom. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can. Mary and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Annie Thantrey,
Ellington Team Lead.

Hunts Community Cancer Network

Can we remind you that if you shop on Amazon, you can raise free money for us by nominating us as your chosen charity and just shopping through www.amazonsmile.co.uk as opposed to the standard Amazon site. They are exactly the same with the same products and it costs you nothing. At this time all our normal fundraising has stopped, so we need as much help as possible! Thanks

We have a new HCCN Gardening Group as lots of people have a real interest in all things horticultural! Please pop over and become a member of it!

Hunts Community Cancer Network was live.