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Business Links & Support

There are serval local businesses who have helped us greatly over the past few years who we would like to thank:



Ryan Jarvis has been a professional photographer since 2009 & is well known & respected in the area. He normally photographs weddings regularly attends our meetings and conferences to take photos of what we are up to, which we are very grateful for!



First Take Films kindly put together the video on our Patient Perspective page to allow us to bring to life patient experiences – we are very grateful to Steve for taking the time out of his busy schedule to work with us!





Aseptika are a local award winning healthcare technology company, who develop integrated health and wellness solutions for individuals or groups of patients with long-term health conditions. This empowers them to self-care and self-monitor their health parameters and to share this data with their healthcare providers if they so wish.  They have worked with us on the BuddyBand Scheme in developing some technology to assist cancer patients in exercising during & after cancer treatment.



Forefront logo

Forefront Fitness have been instrumental in getting the BuddyBand Scheme project up and running. Marion Foreman and her husband Steve, are both passionate about fitness and have a desire to want to help others to get fit and healthy. Marion became a Personal Trainer several years ago and after Steve was diagnosed with a melanoma, Marion trained in Cancer Rehabilitation. They used Steve’s critical illness cover following his diagnosis to set up 2 gyms.


A bit about House of Flags Ltd…..

House of Flags is run & owned by Ian Simmonds. It is the UK’s leading manufacturer of flags, banners and other display items.

The main factory and head office is based in Kimbolton, employing 60+ staff.

Supplying all types of customers from individuals to the largest multinational corporations.

Ian has been a massive support and donated most of our promotional supplies. Ian also donated promotional flags & banners for the Woodlands Cancer unit extention.