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We might have seemed quiet recently  but we have been really busy  developing our programmes and activities  with our new nursing lead Karen Moseley.

Fully Resourced Nursing Team

We have some new nursing team members.

The team is now fully resourced and carrying on offering the amazing things they do to keep us symptom free and in our own homes whilst we manage a diagnosis of cancer. We all value them and their service so very highly.






April 27th was our 8th conference. We made a few changes the best being in our opinion, for the nurses to actually sit with the participants, when they were able to of course

As usual we were fortunate to have excellent speakers with Professor Thomas making time to join us yet again. We hold stocks of his books just contact Amanda 01480 416410 or email aburridge@nhs.net if you’d like to buy one. His style is so informative and straightforward that he really is easy to understand.

We also made our first Get Active Buddy Band Awards to some of our high achieving members.

This our friend Colin receiving his gold award for completing 10,000 steps or more 75 times. Well done Colin. He’s away on holiday doing even more steps as I type this.

Do you have Nov 7th in your diary? That’s our next conference date. Remember it is free to attend and you can bring someone along with you.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to support us this year. Whether through donations of raffle prizes, baking cakes for our stall, buying tickets, making Just Giving donations, buying memory sticks and all the other wonderful things you do. Your generosity enables us to keep supporting people as they deal with their cancer treatment

Huntingdon Riverside Gala

Held on the 10th June, the gala allowed us to tell people about our work and raise funds as well.

These are some photos of us setting up our stall. Andrea looking good below in her HCCN sweatshirt.

Annie and Janet managed the cake stall (and baked a fair few cakes as well) and never sat down all day. Indeed Janet said that she opened her Saturday packed lunch on Sunday!

They sold so many cakes with people coming back to say how delicious they were. We had bakers from all over our area and surrounding areas as well providing wonderful tray bakes, cakes all things good and so tasty.

And this is Jessica on the left trying to keep out of shot. Jessica and Kevin helped us hugely by loaning and erecting their marquee for the day. Jess is standing in front of the Human Fruit Machine built by the amazing Burridge family, thank you so much.

It was so popular with young people, with young people really keen to pull the handle and hear the bell ring!

Just imagine a fruit machine where you put your money in, pull the handle and wait to see if you get three of the same fruits in a row.

This just the same except people choose what fruits to show. They can’t see each other so chance plays a huge part in this game. So much so that only three of the same fruits came out all day. (Everyone got a consolation prize though)

And it’s even in our HCCN colours!

This is Vikki Stacey, she is an artist working in glass and similar materials. Vikki has been very generous donating some of her pieces as prizes and giving us a percentage of the sales she makes. Her work is on display in York and other cities and locally in Thrapston. Her pieces are unique and I just love what she does.

Amanda and Andrea T standing back to check that all looked good.

Andrea said I could only use her best side. Think I’ve got it! Andrea sourced prizes and sold so very many raffle tickets for us.

Jan was behind the camera so I don’t have photos of her

And what did our hard work earn us?


Not bad going but we all needed the next day off to recover!

Thank you  to Diamond Country Western Dance Club…

…who presented us with a really big cheque from money raised at their Easter event. That’s Rosemarie and Chris in the photo with their dear friends Al and Sandy. Al and Sandy run the club. Doesn’t the hall they all decorated look terrific? They made everything themselves. Don’t you just love those silhouettes? Chris tells me they took photos so that it’s easier to do next time.

If we play our cards right they might even show us how to Line Dance!!!

Come back soon y’all, you hear now?

If you’d like to see them in action have a look…

Our next fundraiser is on 1st July at Houghton. We hope you can join us there.
We are going to run a tombola stall so any contributions gratefully accepted. susan@hccnthecharity.org will find me.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be in touch soon. Susan xx