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Managing your cancer responsibly appointment

If you are receiving chemotherapy, you should be given an appointment to attend a ‘Managing your cancer responsibly appointment’.

Ideally you should attend this before the half way point of your treatment but sometimes we understand this can be difficult and we will arrange a different date,

This appointment is an important part of your treatment plan and we strongly encourage you to attend.

At this open session you will learn

  • How you will be involved in the management of your Cancer when treatment finishes.
  • The importance of nutrition & exercise, supported by current research.
  • Late effects of treatment you might experience.
  • Signs and symptoms that you should report and signs of recurrent disease
  • We will also look at the support that is available to you once you leave the regular care of the hospital and who your key contacts will be.
  • A chance for questions.

You may bring someone with you to this appointment.  If there is anything further you need to know before this appointment then please contact one of us on the numbers or emails shown below. Please arrive at the Woodlands centre on time; car parking passes are available from the Woodlands reception.