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Welcome to Marion’s Blog

MarionWe are delighted that our favourite exercise guru has offered to share her blog with us.

Those of you who use our Get Active programme to help you return to exercise safely will already know Marion very well.

But for those of you who haven’t taken the plunge yet we though this might be a good way to be introduced.  Marion has many talents, as we will no doubt understand better, as we share her blogs.

So please read and enjoy (scroll down to see the blog articles) and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Marion via the ‘Contact Marion’ link below.

What Marion says about herself


Hi, I am a passionate writer, so thank you for reading this – it’s good to write knowing that my words will be read.

I am also an exercise professional and a nurse.  I spend my day working with clients in our gyms, running exercise classes in care homes and helping people on their cancer journey to remain as active as possible.

I fall into the ‘older person’ category and am very interested in society’s perception of ageing and set out to challenge this whenever I can.

My husband has stage 4 Multiple Metastatic Melanoma (MMM), so we know what ‘living with cancer’ means.  I also have lots of first-hand experience of what it means to live someone with a life limiting illness.

I also sit on the Patient Advisory Board (PAB) for our area’s Cancer Alliance.  (The Cancer Alliances are designed to implement improvements to patient pathways for those with a cancer diagnosis.  They cover from early discovery right through to living with and beyond).  I try to put forward the patients’ perspective and their thoughts on what really matters to them, to you, to us.  I hear many, many stories, but I am always keen to chat and hear more about what matters to you.  If you have a story to tell – maybe something went really well – please let me know; phone, text, email, when you next see me!  But if something niggles – please tell me that too – you know the ‘I really wish they would / wouldn’t xxxxxx.’  And if you really need to sound off – let me know – together we can bring about change as well as recognising great care.

My blogs are a mix of information from research, advice and tips on keeping fit and healthy and personal experience.  If you enjoy them – let me know – if you have something to say – tell me!

Remember – we really only have today – so have courage and be kind

Marion 07860 128032   marion@alltogetherbetter.co.uk

Contact Marion
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The views expressed in this blog are Marion’s own and not HCCN’s.

Being Happy

March blog   I have been thinking about ‘being happy’ and what that means.  So I was wondering what helps me to be happy.  I thought at first that it might be money, but as anyone touched in some way by an illness such as cancer knows, money isn’t a lot of good – it... read more

Some Weeks Are Hard

We have exercise circuits twice a week for people on their cancer journey, (contact us for more details). We have lots of fun and its as hard or as easy as we want it to be. We have one rule that is specific to the exercise group – it’s a tough one – but we have... read more

Christmas can be tough

Nearly Christmas – how are you feeling? That usual mix of excitement bordering on panic? Or maybe you feel a bit flat, like its all too much and who cares anyway? Do you oscillate between being glad to be alive and petrified that you might not be here next Christmas?... read more

How does cancer affect your belief?

Its not at all unusual to utter a prayer at times of great stress. Who amongst us has not offered up a quick one when push comes to shove?  Facing a life limiting illness is often a time when we pause and reflect on what really matters in life, on what helps and on... read more

Being Special

Being special Having cancer puts you in a separate category.  Not one you want to be in – but one none the less. I’ve just read ‘The Island’ by Victoria Hislop, it’s about a leper colony and initially the horror of the isolation and the separateness of living with... read more

Could you just get a grip?

Now, this might seem a little harsh.  Bear with me and I will explain.  Throughout life, things happen.  Sometimes good things happen and sometimes shit happens.  We learn how to deal with the good and the bad as we go through life.  First of all our parents show us... read more
Cancer and being cross

Cancer and being cross

And I get cross with him; I get cross when he puts his gym bag on the work surface – again. (‘Don’t you know how many germs there are on the bottom of that bag and I am going to cook food there soon’ I shout) . I get cross when I drag myself out of bed at some obscene hour and he mumbles ‘do you want any help’ and promptly goes back to sleep. And I get cross when he gets up from the table and leaves me to clear up…

read more
Are you happy?

Are you happy?

What makes you happy? I went to a talk recently all about happiness.  It was about the research that is being done about why some countries are happier places than others. The speaker’s research looks at groups of people over a long period of time.  And using lots of... read more
10,000 steps and that 10 minute challenge !

10,000 steps and that 10 minute challenge !

Its great to be recommending 10,000 steps a day and suggesting that at least 10 minutes of these should be done at a brisk pace – good ideas and they will undoubtedly make a difference.  But what if you really can’t do that much – if the very thought just reduces you... read more

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Hunts Community Cancer Network

1 day 5 hours ago

Message from the Ellington group:
The HCCN Ellington Holistic Drop In is opening it’s virtual doors to everyone once again, old and new alike. We are offering two yoga sessions every Tuesday for all abilities and on February 9th we have our next themed Zoom session. Our guest speaker for February 9th is Michaela Vaux from Tropic skincare and she will be talking about self care and the importance of having a good skin care routine. This applies to men as well as ladies! She will give us some simple tips to help us to look after our skin.
If you would like to know more about the yoga sessions, our Zoom chats or themed sessions please email me annie@hccnthecharity.org
You will be assured a warm welcome.

Hunts Community Cancer Network

1 week 4 days ago

We are still catching up with all our ‘thank yous’ from last year and here we have Mr Lock to thank for the sale of his boat which he then gave to us! Very generous indeed!

Hunts Community Cancer Network

2 weeks 23 hours ago

Happy New Year everyone!
We are fortunate to have been nominated as the charity from Cambridgeshire Garden & Property Maintenance for their recycling service.....please contact them if you have a tree to be disposed of!
Many thanks

Hunts Community Cancer Network was live.

2 weeks 4 days ago

Hunts Community Cancer Network

3 weeks 1 day ago

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and here’s to a peaceful and hopefully healthier new year!

Hunts Community Cancer Network

3 weeks 4 days ago

You did it! We got enough nominations to get our donation. Thanks so much!

Hunts Community Cancer Network

1 month 1 day ago

We know you are all busy but could you all help us please by nominating us as the charity at:

We have a chance for a £1000 donation.
Our charity number which is requested is: 1163051

Thanks so much!
Please can you share so we can get as many people as possible to nominate!

Hunts Community Cancer Network

1 month 2 days ago

Buckden’s raffle closes tomorrow with proceeds to us and some great prizes on offer!!

Hunts Community Cancer Network

1 month 3 days ago

So the raffle has been drawn!! Thank you to everybody that made donations 💙. The nurses have raised just over £3500 which is amazing and going to help to provide so much support to people of Huntingdonshire living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis.

1st prize Heather & Bill Aisling (Hamper)
2nd price Tracey Thompson (nail voucher)
3rd prize Richard (friend of Georgie Kirk) (cake)

Thank you to Lucy & Abi who are working towards a DofE Award and have helped as part of this 👏🏼

Thank you all again 💙

Hunts Community Cancer Network

1 month 3 days ago

Shopping online for gifts? You could win £875 worth of beauty treats from LOOKFANTASTIC courtesy of @GiveasyouLive! Enter the competition this week and generate free donations for us every time you shop online. Find out more > www.giveasyoulive.com/competition/christmas-week-four/enter?utm_source=charitysocial&utm_campaign=christmas2020&utm_content=week4competition