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Learn how to Meditate

Our current meditation class is suspended whilst Mij takes a well earned rest. We will review options with her in September. Everyone who has benefitted from her support says thank you and we all wish her a good summer.

Meditation for Mixed Groups.

We believe that meditation is a very valuable tool to help us to manage ourselves through difficult  times. To date we have not been able to run mixed classes. However we will be running a 6 week trial starting in September to establish what we might want from a mixed meditation class. Watch this space as we will be inviting people to sign up for the trial once all the details are finalised.

What is it about?

Through meditation we learn how to reduce anxiety and stress by experiencing how to calm the mind.
We also learn how to gradually develop a more positive attitude to life.
Through mindfulness it helps us realise we have more choices.
This helps us to develop a better understanding of ourselves and those around us.
We do not take ourselves too seriously and try hard to see the joy in life however difficult that may be at times.

It does help us to live in the now or the precious moment!

What it isn’t

It is NOT a therapy group. Although, it is a very friendly and accepting group.
It is NOT a support group. However I find that often a strong trusting relationship develops between the group members.
It is NOT a healing group, or an escape from reality, but rather learning to deal with reality in a more skilful way.
The person leading the group is NOT some wise guru who has the answers, but just a sharer who encourages individuals to recognise they often have the answer within.
It is NOT a religious group.

For enquiries please call Amanda on 01480 416410, or email aburridge@nhs.net