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The HCCN Nursing Team in partnership with HCCN the charity was delighted to deliver our November Conference in the Brampton Racecourse Conference Centre. The venue was certainly a hit and we will be returning in April of next year for our 6th event. Our speakers delivered an exciting, thought provoking and sometimes challenging mixture of perspectives on cancer and its impact. We covered the new ways cancer care might be delivered, current research into breast cancer, the important role that exercise and nutrition can play in staying as healthy as possible and explored the emotional issues related to a diagnosis of cancer and how they might be resolved. As you can see we all worked hard but found time to network and enjoy each other’s company.

Of course being November we wanted to wanted to show our support for the Movember movement which works to raise awareness of the importance of men’s mental health, and need to check for testicular and prostate cancer. The Mo-Sistas really put in the effort though some privately confided that a bit of mascara on what they had naturally might have done the trick just as well! I think Cheryl really only needs a Sombrero to complete her look.

HCCN supports Movember
HCCN supports Movember

This one reminds me of someone but I can’t quite remember who!

Maxine Movember HCCN

But Maxine gave us our photo of the day. I know this photo will be used over and over as it embodies so much of what we are about.

Add April 20th 2016 to your diary as this is when we will be running our next Patient Conference.