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Thank you for Fundraising for HCCN during November

Once again we have lots of people to say thank you to.

HCCN Fireworks


We didn’t have any actual fireworks events in November but Conference was a sparkling affair.

Thanks to the members of Buckden Cricket Club who raised funds for us.

Thank you also to The Rotary Club of Bedford for your support.

And to Catworth PCC.


Forefront Fitness generosity to HCCN

Thank you to everyone who attends the Forefront Fitness centre for your generosity and to you Marion for organising this.

Thank you also to people from Hinchingbrooke School who also raised funds for us.

Thank you to Rebecca Milton who runs yoga classes for people with cancer in St Neots and to your members for filling our collection box.

We have received a large anonymous donation which will help us in achieving our objectives. Thank you.

Thank you also to Caroline Morin who supports us on a monthly basis.


Thanks to Ethnic Origins of Offord Darcy who ran an amazing shopping evening from which we benefitted, they even do online delivery for people like me who don’t go out much after dark. I now own some super candleholders!


Thank you to the people attending conference who bought our quiz sheets.  If you have an encyclopedic memory you might just want to buy a quiz sheet. You buy one for £2 from Mandy. Then you complete it, knowing that not all the answers can be Googled, then send it to Mandy. If yours comes out of the hat correctly completed and first you win £25. Mandy.robinson4@nhs.net is the person to contact on this one.

HCCN pub quiz 2nd Nov

Thank you to everyone who joined our quiz night. I hear you had a great time and were very generous.

Viv’s 100 Club.

And to the members of Viv’s 100 club. Your regular commitment has raised a very healthy sum. Half of this has been paid back out in prizes and half retained to boost the charity’s funds.

This month’s winning numbers were 20, 4, 16, 10 and it was a great payout of £60 first prize just in time for Christmas. Also this month 4 people, not just three, were awarded prizes. Not me sadly.

It’s not too late to join the 100 Club just click here for the form.

Well it’s nearly that time of year again when we hang up our Christmas stocking and Santa comes.

If you’d like to say Merry Christmas to your friends we can post it on our website and you could do like June Hamilton did and donate your Christmas card money to HCCN. Thank you June.


And finally thank you Andy for helping me get these posts up on our website and always being so helpful.


thank you from HCCN

Susan at HCCN