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Thank you for Fundraising for HCCN during October

What a busy month you have had raising funds to enhance lives touched by cancer.

First there was the Great Eastern half Marathon at Peterborough where Team Bex and Team Kim ran to raise funds.
Team Kim Race for HCCN
Team Kim race cheque for HCCN

Recognise anybody? These were taken during and after the race and they all look so fresh.

Thank you to both teams and their wonderful supporters. You were all preparing for so very long recruiting teams and gaining sponsors that thank you really doesn’t seem enough to say.

And thanks to Dave the marquee man. You’re a star!

Then there was the clothes sale and car boot sale.
HCCN clothes sale
HCCN clothes sale
HCCN car boot sale

Then there was the clothes sale and car boot sale. Notice the similarity in technique?

Thank you to everyone who shopped with us and to Tesco for allowing us to use their community room and to the Tesco ladies who are always so very helpful.

And thank you to Sarah and her mum for storing and sorting the clothes and for the car boot team who sometimes forgot they were selling and turned into shoppers!

HCCN clothes sale
HCCN car boot sale
Thank you!

cakeThank you to Mr Dear who donated his birthday celebration money to us.

And thank you to Luminus, Huntingdon who invited us to their conference to receive a cheque for funds they had raised for us.

Thank you to Budgens of Kimbolton who host one of our collection boxes and to the people who gave us their change. Thank you.

balloonsThen there was the balloon race which was won by Toby with Hotelmotel. His balloon covered an amazing 4584 virtual Kms. Thank you to everyone who bought a balloon.

balloon race winner Toby with Hotelmotel
Anything Else?

Anything we’ve missed please tell us by emailing Mandy or Susan or ringing Amanda on 01480 416410.

Want to join the team? We’d be delighted to have you just contact the same people shown above.

What’s Coming Next?

Mandy is on a well deserved holiday in Thailand so I don’t have her what’s coming next input. But if you look at our facebook page I’m sure you’ll find the next fundraiser there. For all lovers of quizzes over a pint I think you are in for a treat in November.