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Patient To Person

This programme is for people who are ready to move on but find themselves emotionally stuck. It is run over three months with one attended day per month.

The programme is delivered by highly trained and skilled facilitators who are able to work with a number of issues. Perfect for those who don’t need counselling and don’t have deep seated psychological issues.

You work with groups to build trust and share experiences.

Some of the issues raised to date:

  • Handling the pain of being let down by people they thought of as friends during the cancer journey.
  • Loss of self confidence
  • Seeing the world differently and being out of step with loved ones
  • Handling fatigue positively within the family
  • Conflict between the person they were and the capabilities they had and how they are now. Seeking to readjust and help partners understand the changes that have taken place.
  • Fear of dying whilst their children are small
  • Realising that they had lost their positive outlook on life but unsure how to regain it.