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Thank you for Fundraising for HCCN during September

Frosts Garden Centres

Thank you Barretts of St Neots and Frosts Garden Centre Brampton for letting us leave our fundraising pots with you and thank you to those members of the public that filled them. We raised over £200!!!!

Barretts have been a friend for a long time. Their support selling the ducks for our duck race was greatly appreciated.

Barretts of St Neots
The dance of the year at Brampton Golf Course was a great success. I just haven’t got the space for all the photos.

I call this one the calm before the storm.
The tables and room were beautifully decorated.

The girls, like you’ve probably never seen them before.
I think Cheryl was in the groove!

Then there was Alconbury 10k
alconbury 10k

Thank you also to Alconbury 10K who chose to support us after hearing about Bex and her plan’s to run in the Great Eastern run at Peterborough. We really appreciate your support and your generosity.

Viv’s 100 Club

September numbers are:  16, 34, 22

Not me this month then. Ah well saves me having to put the money back in.

Remember if you have donated or raised funds for us and I have missed you please be in touch as I would love to add you to this page because we really appreciate all you do to help us. Just email me at info@hccnthecharity.org

What’s Coming Next?

Well of course the Great Eastern run will take place on October 11th. We have two teams running for HCCN.

ben and will hayes

Ben and Will Hayes and their team are running in memory of Kim. We wish you and all your supporters a good run with no injuries


And of course Bex with her supporters in their eye catching pink vests.

I’m sure the people of Huntingdon will miss seeing your army of runners preparing for the big day.

And still we aren’t finished…

Our last pub quiz was so successful that we are repeating it and moving to larger premises to accommodate everyone who knows a thing or two about all sorts of things. As usual contact mandy.robinson4@nhs.net to find out more.  Lee Johnson, Secretary of the Brampton Institute has been kind enough to open on a Monday night the 2nd of Nov. There will be a reasonably priced bar and lots of seating available. If we can make this a success it could be a regular fundraiser at the same time as benefiting the local community”.

pub quiz
balloon race

And our balloon race will be taking place between the 1st to the 18th October. If you have a balloon in the race and want to check its progress go to
A £100 Amazon voucher goes to the winner so keep your eye on the leader board.

Thank you for everything you do to support us. We are a local charity supporting a wonderful team of nurses who are out in our local community helping people with a diagnosis of cancer take back their lives.

There are many ways that you can help us. If you want to talk about how you could help please contact Susan or Mandy on the emails shown above.