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Tai Chi

We offer Tai Chi, adapted specifically for cancer patients.

The practice involves a combination of Tai Chi and Qigong movements that can be accomplished either seated or standing and tailored to suit your condition.
This type of exercise may appeal to those of you who prefer some sort of activity that is not too demanding and once the basic moves have been mastered, may be practised easily at home.

Tai Chi originated in China as a martial art and has been referred to as “Meditation In Movement” with the emphasis on slowness, balance, breath and relaxation. It is both a physical and mental exercise that combines a series of postures to create a form that flows like the choreography of a dance. The health benefits may include increased flexibility, coordination, improved balance, self awareness and stress reduction.
Qigong is an easy to learn system of energy enhancing exercises that coordinates movement with breathing and inner concentration. The primary aim of this form of practise is to gently build and regulate your vitality by enhancing the movement of Qi, or vital force, around your body.
Qigong is often used as a warm up to centre the mind and body before the practice of Tai Chi.

We offer a free 6 week introductory seated class, which can then be followed up with an ongoing standing class for which you would normally pay £6.00 per attendance.

Classes take place at the Methodist Hall in Huntingdon.


Details of our instructor, Dmitry,  can be found: www.cambs-taichi.co.uk/instructors

For enquiries please call Amanda on 01480 416410, or email aburridge@nhs.net