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We went to a festival a couple of weeks ago.  Some of you might not think that’s anything special but let me tell you – for me it really was.  I am the sort of person who thinks that public loos are best avoided and that the absence of hot and cold running water is called deprivation.

Of course, I’ve been camping before.  I went once when I was 18.  It rained, the tent leaked and it was ghastly – once was enough.  So this weekend was a ‘big adventure’.

Trew Fields was started by Sophie Trew after her brush with cancer and its billed as a ‘cancer awareness and holistic health’ event.  (You can find out more at www.trewfields.com) It was packed full with interesting talks, food tents, stalls and live music.  The whole event is vegan and non-smoking and amazingly friendly.

So we arrived and found our luxury tent.  OK – it was vast, and contained a futon bed complete with bedlinen, little bedside tables with battery operated lights and of course ready pitched.  Yes it is still camping if you are thinking we cheated. We had a little gas stove and a kettle – it was definitely camping.

The welcome meal was delicious, I am not entirely sure that I knew what it all was but it was very tasty and oh so healthy.

The talks the next day were fascinating; keto diets, how to rebel, how to exercise (of course!) storytelling, breathwork – you name it – it was there.  The really important thing for us was that the whole festival opened up possibilities and confirmed that it’s OK to plough your own path.  We really felt empowered.

The stalls were great – lots of delicious food and drink and all sorts of extras such as crystals, incense sticks and CBD (safe cannabis).  Bearing in mind that I am a child of the 60s, I was in my element! I’ve had a hippy thing going ever since.

There were many tents offering yoga, Tai Chi, massage and any other number of therapies.  All offered with a smile and such kindness.

Downsides?  Well the rain on Sunday was a pity – but that’s life. I have to say that the toilets were awful but the feedback from the Trew Fields team is that they are making them much better for next year (and stopping the music going on quite so late at night).

We are definitely going again in 2020 – if you are interested in knowing more or making up a party – just let me know.  Even if all you want is a few tips on what to take – drop me a text.

I did a whole weekend without my hairdryer and my makeup – you can too – really you can.  Join us next year and have a great, eye opening time.