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I have been thinking about happiness a lot.  I am always wondering ‘am I happy?’  and then, ‘what am I going to do to make myself happy?’  I also go down the ‘I will be happy when….’ route.  You know the one, ‘I will be happy when I have lost a stone, when I am fitter, when I have met the man of my dreams, when the children are grown up’.

But really I think its about being happy NOW. Right now, this minute, what can I do to feel happy?  After all, this moment is all we have, we might as well make the most of it.  So, just pause and reflect, consider what is good in your life.  A friend gave me a ‘Gratitude book’, made to write in everyday, just to remind yourself what you are grateful for.  A roof over your head?  Friends that love you?  The washing drying on the line?  Food on your plate?

Once you begin to ‘count your blessings’ things seem a bit brighter.  Happiness isn’t so far away.

I have a voice inside my head, and on a bad day it says things like ‘I am really fed up’ then it says ‘I’m so tired’ followed by ‘he is making me so angry’. Before I know it, I am fed up, tired and cross.  And if I don’t nip it in the bud, that’s how I spend my day – and if you come across me you will certainly know ! But I am learning to change the voice, to consider what is great in my life and decide to be happy.  It takes effort and it isn’t always easy, but I do have friends and amazing children.  I have got a lovely home and food in the fridge.  I have a manageable ‘to do’ list and clothes to wear.  What isn’t right in my life I am working on.  Being bad tempered is a waste of my energy (and it gives me wrinkles!) – I have decided to be happy today.  What about you?